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Monday, January 7, 2013

Life Lessons from Visual Basics

A few things I have learned from being in business and working with my husband:
1.    Men who have affairs with their secretaries obviously have a relationship built off of lies there are days that I am sure Cody doesn’t want to come into my office, much less have an affair with mein fact, I think he often avoids me. And that generally works for me.
2.    While honesty is always the best policysometimes keeping your mouth shut is the best solution.
3.   I often accuse Cody of never speaking to any of the other employees in the same tone he uses with me.  But if I am honest, I would never speak to another boss in the same tone I use with him. (I think we both could use a little work with that.)
4.   Leaving “work” at the office is not only difficult, it is really impossible.
5.   It is important to watch for the “glazed eye” look when discussing your business with your friends.  Just like the subject of your children, no one is that interested
6.   Eye rolling is a sure way to end a conversation with a fight.
7.    “Days off” are almost non-existent. And departure times are subject to change.
8.    We are always together. Always. Good?  Sometimes. Bad? Sometimes.
9.    I can always expect one question, daily, “What are your plans for lunch?”
10.  Praying for God’s grace to allow me to be my husband’s “helper/completer” at work helps keep me focused on how both of our strengths work together with both of our weaknessesotherwise it is easy to begin to see only his weaknesses in the light of my strengths- and never notice my weaknesses in the light of his strengths.
11.  Tension between us can clear a room quicker than a smoke alarm.
12.  Cody is the only person at work that can follow me into the ladies’ room to finish a conversation.
13. Most days I would rather be at the shop with Cody and everyone else rather at home alone.
14.  We are both the last to get paid.
15. I decide to quit and get a “real” job at least once a quarter. I usually get as far as walking to the front door I used to get further and actually look in the “Help Wanted” ads.  It also used to be closer to once a month
16.  Cody recently asked me to go pick up some wine glasses from Ross so we can sit in his office and have a glass of wineI don’t think that would happen in most places of business, and I have to say it hasn’t really happened here yet But, now, come to think of it, if you refer back to one of my first lessons- this could be an avenue that might lead a boss to have an affair with his secretary.  Hmm maybe Cody is trying to make a pass at me!
17.  Piggy backing on the previous lesson- sexual harassment accusations pretty much go out the window when you are working for your husbandthey are expected and often encouraged.
18.  Communication is keybut timing is essential.
19.  There is really no “” my way in or out of anything, Cody knows and recognizes all of my best movesthat is not to say that there are not times when I can charm him
20.  Respect and love are key as long as I show him respect and he shows me loveour relationship in business and in marriage stays in balancehowever a small crack in either can create havoc.
21.  This is a lesson I learned a long time ago in our marriage, however, it carries into our business relationship as well- Cody is not always right, but he is very seldom wrong; I am not always wrong, but I am very seldom right.  And I have learned to make this thought process work for methe times I am right may be few and far between, but I know how and when to pick my battles.
22.  Being “on time” to work is relative- for both of us.
23. We are a team, and there is really no other team I want to be a part ofmaybe we should come up with a cheeror a chant.
24. I have found that when I have my back to Cody, waiting for him to “pat it” we invariably are standing back to back because he has his back to me waiting for the same re-enforcement.
25. I love Cody unconditionally and unrealistically.  Cody loves me unconditionally and unrealistically.  Love covers a multitude of inadequacies.



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