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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day...

My Valentine Video
I know that I posted a video less than a week ago, and some of you might think I am on the verge of being obsessive… but, it was Valentine’s day on Friday, and I was trying so hard to come up with something fun to send my Valentine (who happens to be very difficult to buy anything for!!) and I decided to send him a video (with a little help from Animoto!! Who also just happened to send me an e-mail with the video suggestion…but don’t tell Cody…I want him to think it was all my idea.)
Any way- I sat down and went through some photos and made a video tribute for him instead of getting him a card, and I think he was both surprised and touched by the gesture. (I also made him gumbo for dinner, and I feel I must add that I was very sick at the time… )
So, I thought I would share the video and a little bit about my husband with you. First of all- he is the absolute best husband, dad, and Pops in the world.  He is a very generous man, and he is the best “gift giver” in our family.  He sincerely gets more enjoyment from giving gifts over receiving them.
He is a man of few words; but can talk about sports, politics, national news worthy events and religion without stop.  He is passive/aggressive with those of us he loves, and yet he is very assertive with anyone who crosses one of us. He will gladly sit through a “chick flick” with me and really enjoy it. He loves to watch t.v. but will talk to me about any book I happen to be reading at the time.
Cody makes me laugh, mad, and cry more than any person on this earth…and he is also the person I can not imagine living without… he is my “person.”

He is my love…and my every day Valentine…

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