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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Status Updates Lent Style- Week One

Well, I decided to give up Facebook for lent.  I think I am spending far too much time on it, and a break was long overdue.  However, I decided I would just start blogging my status updates… I will share them with you, but I have realized that most of the time, a status update is simply for my own enjoyment.

 “Happy Birthday Elika!! I love you, and I am so thankful that God blessed us with your birth and that He has allowed me to be small part of your precious life!!!”  With Dianne Kiblinger

Sweet little Elika Kiplinger turned 6 on Friday!  We met them for lunch at Chick-fil-A and we got to go to Pet Smart and pick out a new Beta fish for her!  She did a great job picking out a beautiful blue crowntail!  She named him Blueberry.

“Road trip!! Packed up and heading to west Texas!”

Lynnsay, Hudson, Aubrey and I packed up and left for Shallowater late Friday afternoon.  We arrived at my sister’s house about 11 p.m.  Other than having to perform moves of a professional contortionist in order to pick up dropped sippy cups, snack bags or toys…our 6 hour ride from Temple to Shallowater was uneventful and fun.

“Watching some little dribbler games in Shallowater… my nieces are ballers!!”

Saturday morning consisted of a house full of girls, with the addition of one 22 month old boy (who was being manhandled, for the most part, by the girls) and one daddy/uncle, (who was being ignored, for the most part, by the girls) all rushing around to get ready for a 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. little dribblers basketball game.  Oh how I have missed sitting in a gym filled with the sound of screeching tennis shoes, a ball bouncing on the floor and the blowing of the whistle!  As well as the yells of all the onlookers…”Move your feet!”  “Grab the rebound!” “SHOT!” “Get it to the basket!” 

“Well, that was embarrassing…in a freak accident, Aubrey and I ended up in a tumbled heap on the floor of the Shallowater Elementary School gym…with everyone looking on.  Yes, Shallowater, I am a klutz.”

While trying to gather all of our “stuff” together, keep Hudson from jumping off the stage as well as running onto to the court to grab a “bahitball”, consoling Bella (7 year olds don’t take losing seasons without a little bit of tears)and meeting and talking to my sister’s friends, somehow Aubrey took my hand and began walking around me and we got tangled up in a heap and ended up sprawled on the floor.  Everyone in our “group” yelled and started gathering around us… the on lookers just stared at us, with what I felt was veiled judgment, and I just wanted to stand up and get out of there!  I was pretty sure I had damaged Aubrey’s internal organs by landing on her and my family was certain that I had broken something by falling on the floor.

Aubrey, “MarZ, this baby needs to go to the doctor, I think she is sick.” With Jacob Crittenden and Katherine Stewart

Um, yeah… it does look like there is a problem with that particular baby that goes a little further than the fact she is at least 38 years old…

“No one eats chicken and French fries at Leal’s, Aubrey!" Apparently Aubrey will only eat chicken and French fries at Leal’s.

Needs no explanation.

“Preslee: I can’t eat lunch. I feel gross.  I am still in my pajamas.
“Me: I am still in my pajamas too…I feel gross…but I am totally eating lunch!”

Yes- on Sunday, at my mom’s house, I ate lunch in my p.j.’s!

“It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood here in west Texas.”

Sandstorms in west Texas…

Preslee, noticing that I was crying at Reagan’s middle school choir concert, said, “MarZ, are you crying?  You do realize that Reagan is doing basically nothing up there right now except moving her mouth, right?”  Man! That child keeps it real!

Shallowater Middle School  Choir concert…it lasted all of 15 minutes and we were 5 minutes late. But I still found 10 minutes worth of music to bring me to tears…

“I have lived through two haboobs in West Texas.”

This is a photo from the haboob in October of 2011 taken at a Shallowater Mustang Football practice.

Photos of the Haboob coming in on March 11, 2014

For Real… and I don’t care if everyone wants to just call them “Sand Storms”... these were both a little different in the way they hit hard and all at once... And both reminded me that I am happy to live in Temple, Tx, where the wind may blow, but the sand does not.

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