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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Walking with the Master

January 11, 2012
I have a pug- June Bug the pug.  She is actually David’s dog, but he frequently accuses me of stealing her, which I very well might have.  However, she still really loves him- she just prefers my sleeping habits- normal ones- over his- vampire hours. (Seriously, I have been checking his teeth for fangs)
June Bug makes me laugh.  Almost every time I look at her I cannot help but smile.  It has been that way since the first time I saw her photo on Craig’s List. She grunts, snorts, breathes loudly at best, purrs when she is content and snores.  Her snoring is competitive with my husband’s…sometimes I wake up to the tune of them snoring in a rhythmic duet.  That even makes me smile.  June Bug has also been known to pass gas, loudly, and that makes me laugh out loud! Toots bring no reaction from her other than she lifts her head to look at me as if to say, “What?”
I also have another dog, Lucy. Lucy is a malti-pooh and a princess. She was a gift to me from my husband, however, if the truth be told she loves him the most.  She is sweet and furry. I always wanted her to wear a bow. But early on I knew that she took after my daughter and thought they looked stupid and she refused to keep them in her hair. Lucy could be the prettiest malti-poo I have ever seen. With or without a bow.
June Bug likes to follow me around. A lot. Our morning routine usually consists of this: I get up and go into the bathroom- she reluctantly leaves the warm covers and follows me in there.  I take her to the back door she goes out and comes right back in. As I am waiting for my tea pot to boil, I feed her.  She eats her dog food (and Lucy’s if I don’t keep an eye on her) in a matter of seconds- literally. Seconds. Like a doggie vacuum.  I put her back outside, and she comes right back in…we head back to the bathroom where I continue the process of getting ready for my day. June Bug almost never leaves my side. She will follow me around so closely that if I turn around too quickly I will almost trip over her.  Often she follows close enough that she keeps her nose planted on my leg as she takes deep, loud snorts and purrs as if to say that she loves the way I smell.
I began to wonder what it would look like if I was actually following Jesus that closely…what if I consistently considered His steps and simply walked blindly behind Him?  Isn’t that really what I am called to do?
Lucy, on the other hand, is a princess and prefers to only be in someone’s lap or curled up on the couch.  She does not have time to follow me around, it would require way too much walking. And she is not much into walking. She never goes anywhere quickly, except to someone’s chair at the dinner table that she thinks might slip her a little bite. She has also been known to hit the door running when she thinks she might get to go somewhere with us. She is quick to roll over in order to get her tummy scratched. She is sweet and adorable, and realizes her only goal in life is to love us. Lucy  rests in the comfort of knowing we are taking care of her every need.
I so often get distracted by my own wants and needs, or just the life going on around me that I leave His side.  I stop following in His footsteps.  I quit resting in the comfort of knowing that He is taking care of my every need. My goal in life becomes self centered and I am no longer living just to love my God.
Thanks June Bug and Lucy for bringing us happiness and for reminding me of how one truly walks with the Master.

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