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Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello World!!

Blogging…back burner past time for me since my 2nd grandchild joined forces with the first and took custody of my free time…
Actually, in all honesty… summer freedom, Bible study, Bible reading, my family and all sorts of other events/issues/situations have loomed largest in my “spare” time robbing me of any free time to sit and write coherently, much less creatively. (And, as long as I am being honest- the time spent watching “our” t.v. shows with my hubby have definitely crept into my “creative writing” time…)
So…highlights since my blog for Mother’s Day…
My husband, with the help of my son, David, made me a garden for the summer… I have grown herbs, lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, okra, squash and tomatoes.  I have also helped raise a generation of rabbits with this garden, and according to my father-in-law, one large snake was spotted enjoying it. 
We spent a weekend in Lubbock enjoying much needed family time with my in-laws. 
We spent a week in Lubbock/Muleshoe celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary with family and friends.
We spent a fun-filled weekend in Austin and at the Lake house with Bobby and Karen Luckett…we also got to go to San Antonio with them to celebrate Kevin’s (Luckett’s son-in-law) 30th birthday…as well as enjoyed some R&R alone time.
I facilitated a Beth Moore Bible Study with some of my favorite women- Karen Luckett, Katie Schindler, Kaylenn Henderson, Katherine Stewart, Lynnsay Macey and Haley Brent.
I have been reading through the Bible with Prof. Horner’s Bible Reading System (I am on Day 175 of 250!!!) I have read three or four books on my Kindle! I have gotten more involved in our church. I have started a “cooking group” with my daughter and 2 others.
And work.And work.And work… Summer months are always our busiest; and God has really blessed our business which has been struggling for a while now…so as I told my employee this week, when we received an order and he made a face, “Do you not like money?  You don’t enjoy your paycheck? You do?  Then when I tell you we got an order, you say to me, ‘Thank you Jesus!’ That is all, just, ‘Thank you Jesus!’” And every time I create a new bid, or start a new job folder, I say, “Thank you Jesus!”
Summer turned to fall, and my life has continued to race at an amazing speed…We had an overnight visit from my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Paul, who is fresh out of cancer treatment, and looking very well, I might add! We have waited anxiously for football score updates every Friday night from the Shallowater Mustangs…and I am happy to say that we are still waiting for them as the Mustangs secured the District Champ titled and have now earned the Bi-District Champ one as well. We are so proud of our brother-in-law, Kyle Maxfield and his team of coaches and football players!
 A tragedy struck our family, when our 25 year old nephew, William van Zielst, died suddenly of heart failure last month.  Watching my incredible sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Katy and Maarten, live out their faith has been heart-wrenching and heartwarming all at the same time. They are an amazing family.  And the community they live in, Seminole, TX, has proven to come together and be the body of Christ for them.
I am now looking up and it is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving!!!! YIKES! 

Today marks the one year anniversary of when we moved into our new home…a major change for us that has proven over and over to have been a major blessing.  Our lives look a little different today than they did on November 19, 2011…a little calmer, a little easier, and little less stressful. I have learned to trust more in my faith and less in my “gut feeling”.  I have learned to seek God first and depend upon my husband’s strength less- a lesson which I believe has taken pressure off of my husband’s shoulders while strengthening my faith.

The days are shorter, the weather cooler and the smell of the heater being turned on in the back of the shop all lead me to the conclusion that ready or not…the holiday season is here!!

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