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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I am sick.. My Bed, T.V., and Laptop= good medicine or overdose?

I have been sick, and I have spent the last two days in my bed watching t.v. Yesterday I caught up on all of the “Ellen” episodes which I have on my DVR… luckily, I also had my laptop in bed with me, which gave me easy access to “Google”... I found this very helpful, because I had no idea what has really been going on in the world outside of my own little bubble. And by “the world” I mean the entertainment world.

 I love “Ellen”…   My daughter, Lynnsay and I share the dream of one day being in the audience of her live show. We have even entered a couple of contests on the show in the hopes of winning a new car, or a home makeover.  My youngest son’s girlfriend, Allie, is also a fan, and we have been known to watch multiple episodes on lazy weekends while we work on various projects. Ellen is really funny, and seems genuinely kind. Every episode seems to have a surprise guest that she is giving some great surprise or gift, usually cars or cash.

During the last two days, I have spent a great deal of time with Ellen… I have laughed.  I have cried. (And I will admit, I have coveted…the show is in the middle of “Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas Give Aways.”)

During my days of television overdose, I realized I have missed out on A LOT… First of all- Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got married???  When? I did not have a clue! Then- shocker of shockers… Gerard Butler actually answers to the name of “Gerry Butler”?? I “googled” both of them and learned all sorts of facts and read all kinds of stories. (Really? Mostly, I just looked at pictures of them both. Gerry is pretty easy on the eyes)

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta were guests… did you know they have made a Christmas Album? And even though the last I heard of John Travolta was that his marriage was in trouble because he was doing things he should not be doing... none of that was mentioned…but his 2 year old son, (who is still breast feeding… he did mention that) his wife and older daughter are on a video for a song from the album. And whatever he is doing…. His hair and “patch” on his chin are jet black…it sort of reminded me of the old school G.I. Joe’s with the painted hair. I “googled” the ages of them both and while they both look amazing, John Travolt’s hair should not be that black. (just sayin’….google it for yourself.)

Lisa and Cheryl- two lucky guests from an episode in October who Ellen helped, returned for the “Twelve Days of Christmas” and received not only the “give aways” for that episode, but all of the other “give aways” as well!! 

By the time Cody came home from work, I was, sadly, still curled up in front of the t.v., and still watching Ellen.  He snuggled up with me, and asked me what I was thinking about for Christmas…unfortunately, after watching Ellen all day, I want EVERYTHING!!! I also want to donate $10,000 worth of toys from Walgreens to “Toys for Tots.” (Ellen’s pet project- I know what you are thinking, I did not realize Walgreens had the best selection for toys either- but Ellen is promoting it)

Fergie was a guest on Monday. Now, I have been out of the loop, however, she did not look like I remember. And after the help of Google, I am almost positive that she has had “some work done”. And thankfully, again, with the aid of Google I know her real name is Stacey Anne Ferguson, and that she is married to Josh Duhamel and since Ellen showed some clips of him being on her show, I knew what he looks like; but now, thanks to Google, I know that his acting career was launched on “All My Children”, as well as other roles he has played.

You can learn a great deal from internet research…I have googled all kinds of stuff- way too much stuff, and way too many people… Tony Goldwyn, who plays the president on “Scandal”, I know now that his grandfather is the “G” of MGM. I actually learned that from “Live with Kelly and Michael”- but I did google him.

I learned that Cloris Leachman once said, "I've been so relieved and so grateful to not have a god to believe in.” (I googled her because she was mentioned on an episode of Ellen.) That made me really sad for her- and I have to say that I did stop and say a prayer, and thank God that I do have Him to believe in…(otherwise, I possibly could just stay in my bed forever)

I learned that one of the stars of “Storage Wars” is suing the show, and making accusations that the “reality” show is in fact “staged.” Hold on- I will google it and see if I can figure out his name… Dave Hester… it appears that he is a real person who goes to storage auctions, and he is claiming that he was terminated because he accused the network and producers of committing fraud!  WHAT? A reality t.v. show that is not real?? Say it ain’t so!

The only time I have ever watched this much t.v. in a 48 hour period was during the months of our lives when we were watching every season of “24” back to back…I learned today from the Jeff Probst Show that the term for that is “binge watching” – and Netflix is about to start producing their own series which will allow everyone easy access to “binge watching”… You mean I won’t have to wait a week for the next episode? Sign me up!!

I have to feel better tomorrow.  I can’t stay in this room and bed for very much longer. I am getting on the dogs’ nerves… I am getting on my own nerves.  I just googled J.R. Martinez who is a guest on Ellen today. I am watching it as I write this blog.  I.Am.Out.Of.Control…

I miss my “bubble”… I want to be back in my real world.  I miss my office.  I miss my job.  I miss working with my husband during the day. I miss my car.  I miss my grandbabies. I am ready to go back to my Kindle and read… I am ready to just watch my normal shows…Parenthood, The Voice, Go On, Up All Night, and Modern Family. I need a break from this bed and the television!!!

But before I close this blog out- I do have to tell one more story about today’s Ellen episode. If you don’t know who J.R. Martinez, you really should Google him, or buy his new memoir, “Full of Heart.” In March of 2003, Martinez, a soldier, was injured in Iraq when his humvee ran over a land-mine and he was trapped in the burning vehicle.  He sustained burns to 40% of his body. His story is pretty amazing as he earned a leading role on “All My Children” and has been the winner of “Dancing With the Stars.” He was on Ellen promoting his memoir. J.R.’s story, in and of itself is incredible, but Ellen also had the Faile family from Georgia as guests today. 

Long story short, Sgt. 1st Class Scott Faile’s family was surprised last month by Ellen in their home when she sent someone to “play a game” and in the end the Faile family won $25,000.00 and evidently tickets to one of the “12 Days of Give Aways” live shows because they were among the audience members today. Ellen had them come on the stage with J.R. Martinez, and she talked to them about how impressive it was that when they had won $25,000, almost immediately, Scott said that they were giving 10% to "Wounded Warriors Program." She pointed out that the Wounded Warriors Program was a program which J.R. Martinez would have benefited from.  She also talked about  another family’s first response after receiving help from her show was to go to their church and use the gifts they had been given to help others who were in need…Sorry Mrs. Leachman, but both of these actions prove to me that there is a God to believe in and I beleive He was glorified.

My heart was touched and I was reminded of some of the good reasons I watch television. There really are sweet, heartwarming stories on it about real people…stories that can change my life and the lives of others… But after 2 days of overdosing on talk shows and daytime t.v., and celebrity research- I realize once again, that too much of a good thing is not ever a good idea. Watching Ellen for an hour every day is ok, but watching her for 5 hours in a day is not.  Waiting a week for the next episode is actually emotionally healthy… binge watching is emotionally draining.  But that is just my opinion. And I have been sick...


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