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Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Thanksgiving Post

So, starting sometime during the last few weeks, the “Status Trend” on Facebook has been the “Days of Thanksgiving.”  While I did not receive the memo that this was what we were supposed to do…I did notice somewhere around day 8 or 9 that many of my friends were complying…

I, however, made the conscience decision not to get involved in this latest online fad because I felt it would inevitably lead me into a sea of “false” guilt…and I have swam those rough waters many times. I knew that I would get busy in my real life and get behind on Facebook thankful status days and then I would feel horrible about myself. I would begin to tread water in the worry that all of my friends would think I was not thankful or not a “finisher” or just lagging in effort… Who needs that stress???

But I did decide that I would write a “Thankful” Thanksgiving Blog…

Now let me start by saying that Cody and I recently celebrated our 28th Anniversary.  My gift to this man I have been married to for 28 years was “28-ish” gifts accompanied by 28 notes telling him 28 things I love about him, as well as 28 memories. A really great, creative idea you say?  I respond with a whole hearted “I AGREE”…however, I should have begun to prepare for this gift way before the night before our anniversary…

Unfortunately, my preparation for the “Thankful” blog more or less mirrors the preparation for my anniversary gift to my husband… Thanksgiving was 4 days ago… and I have not even begun to work on my blog, until now…and it has taken several different shapes as I have re-started, re-directed and of course re-written!

I began with the idea that I would write about 48 things I am thankful for. I decided to go with the number 48 things for a couple of reasons: First, I was going along with the same philosophy that I used with the idea of the 28 things I love about my husband as well as 28 memories… we were celebrating our 28th Anniversary; I have recently celebrated my 48th Thanksgiving. Second, I am not sure how many days of Thankfulness was being required for the Facebook status trend, and I did not want to appear to be not as grateful as all of my Facebook friends.  So I was hoping that 48 would be above and hopefully beyond.

ONE: I am thankful for the relationship I have with God, the Father, Jesus, the Savior and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter.  I have no words to describe this relationship, other than it is the most important one I have.

TWO: I am so thankful for my husband of 28 years, Cody.  He is a wonderful man- generous to a fault, and loving beyond belief.  He always puts me first, takes care of me and continues to make my dreams come true.

THREE: I am thankful for my oldest son, Jacob. He has surprised us and delighted us since he was born.  He is a young man who does not realize how much love he has to give, nor how much is available to him to receive.  He has inherited his father’s generous spirit.  Watching him be a daddy to his daughter, Aubrey, has been a wonderful blessing.

FOUR: I am thankful for my daughter, Lynnsay.  She has always worked hard to achieve whatever she wants.  She is an incredible wife, mother, teacher and photographer.  I am always in awe of her beauty and her talent. She is my friend and she is as role model for me! Like Jacob, watching her take on the job of motherhood has been amazing.

FIVE: I am thankful for my youngest son, David.  He is a Godly young man who is trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life…  He inherited his dad’s self-confidence and dry wit along with my desire for life to always be a party surrounded by friends and family.

SIX: I am thankful for my son-in-law, H.B. Macey.  He adds laughter to our already loud family. He is a good husband and daddy.  He, Lynnsay and Hudson make a great family unit. Cody and I feel so blessed to be able to watch them grow! He is leading his family, and it is a role that he takes very seriously. He loves Lynnsay and Hudson completely and unconditionally. He likes to have a fun time, and he loves to aggravate.

SEVEN: I am thankful for my daughter-in-love, Katherine.  She is a woman full of love and grace.  Her faith has helped her make it through difficult situations while remaining positive. She is an incredible mother to Aubrey, and while Aubrey looks just like her daddy, she acts just like her mother!  It is fun to watch those two unmovable forces as Katherine trains Aubrey “in the way she should go.”  Katherine, Jacob and Aubrey are a delight to watch as a family unit that is always evolving.

EIGHT: I am thankful for my grands.  Aubrey and Hudson have added such happiness to our lives.  They have filled a void that I did not even know existed! They are the sweetest, cutest, smartest little munchkins ever!  Just seeing them makes me smile, and often makes me cry.  I am so thankful that God not only blessed us with children, but He also blessed us with grandchildren.  This blessing is truly humbling.

NINE: I am thankful for my parents, Reagan and Marilyn Cox.  They continue to be the best role models ever.  They have modeled to all of us what it means to be Godly, loving parents as well as what it means to have a Godly, loving marriage.

TEN: I am thankful for my incredible in-laws, Jean and Wayne Crittenden…they, too, have always modeled a Godly, loving marriage to us…and have always shown us what unconditional love and support looks like.


It is now, Nov. 30, and Thanksgiving was well over a week ago… Heck, I have already gotten all of my Christmas decorations out and put away my fall foliage…Thanksgiving is well over in this house, and I have already entered into the madness of “oh my gosh!! What.Are.We.Buying.Everyone.????”

But my Thanksgiving blog is still nagging my thoughts, my heart, and yes- my conscience…(I am feeling guilty…and like a “Facebook Days of Thanksgiving Failure”)

I have to say that I am thankful for all of the things I see on Facebook… my family- some of which are already detailed earlier… however, if I numbered each one of them separately, my number, I think, would completely exceed my “self allotted” number of 48… I stopped at the number “10”… so let’s see where this leads us…

ELEVEN: My brother and sister, Brandon and Stephanie (Which could actually make my total 12.) TWELVE: My sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws, Susan, Julie, Katie, Michelle, Kyle, Danny and Maarten… (Which could actually be 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 as I have four sister-in-laws and three brother-in-laws)

THIRTEEN: My nieces, D’Nae, Danielle, Reagan, Preslee, Bella, Hadyn, and Zoe (My total could easily be 26)

FOURTEEN: My Nephews, William, Andrew, and Jordan. (I am totally at 29)

FIFTEEN:  My “Temple Family” The Luckett’s… Bobby and Karen and their family- Bryan, Mandy and Benjamin; Katie, Jeremy and Jack, Ryleigh and Henry; Melissa, Kevin and James.. (My total is now 42)

SIXTEEN: My local “Nix” family…My Aunt Sandy and Uncle Mike and my cousins, Kaylenn and Ron, Blythe and Abby- (Amazingly… this total is 48)

SEVENTEEN: I AM THANKFUL THAT I HAVE MORE THAN 48 THINGS TO BE THANKFUL FOR!! (And I have still not once had to go to the “I am thankful for Coffee” moment)

The thing, for me, is that I have so many things to be thankful for…and really over the last year that heart of thanksgiving has become so much more inclined to be thankful for more situations and less possessions…in fact, as long as I perceive all of my belongings and possessions as, in reality, God’s property… it is much easier to take my focus off of what I “have” and onto what I have been “blessed” with…

FOURTH TRY AT FINISHING THIS UP: DEC. 6- THANKSGIVING IS TWO WEEKS BEHIND ME…I.AM.A.THANKFUL.FAILURE… (I think you can all see why I did not enter into the “Days of Thanksgiving Madness”…)

Over the last year I have realized that I am truly thankful for the hardships we have endured. And we have gone through many… the hard times have left me completely dependent upon God…and guess what? He has proven to be faithful!! Many things in our lives could appear to be “bad”- however, God has turned them all to “good”.

We have “lost” a great deal of “things” over the last few years… but what we have gained is unreal… I think we have all realized that our happiness is not contingent on what we “possess”- it is not contingent on our circumstances are… our happiness comes from the fact that our hope is in our Savior and our faith in what we are investing in..not the things that make us comfortable financially, but the things that will last eternally…




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